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About Four Pillars Farm

Nestled into the fertile Champlain valley, Four Pillars Farm is positioned on 15 acres of some of the best soil the valley has to offer: Nellis Loam, deposited here by the glaciers during the last Ice age. This soil is a vegetable farmer’s dream. And it was this soil that prompted the beginning of the farm, nine years ago.

Four Pillars Farm grows over 40 different kinds of vegetables and herbs, and multiple varieties of many of the vegetables. The farm is certified organic on a yearly basis by the VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers) which involves an annual inspection of the physical site as well as an annual audit of the paperwork, purchases, and sales. We strongly believe in growing organic for three main reasons: The assurance that the food we provide to our community is wholly nutritious and chemical-free, That we are protecting the ecosystem around us and downstream by not using chemicals and keeping nutrients on our land through carbon fixing in the soil and cover-cropping, and thirdly, we believe it is important to be an example of high productivity using organic methods.

We also believe in food security for all, that is why we donate any excess vegetables to local food pantries.

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