Beginning the Season

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Somewhere around the middle of January, after a well- deserved month of rest, I begin to feel the pull of the new season to come.  I begin to think about what new things I’m going to add to the list of farm offerings, dreaming about the exciting possibilities of the new year.

Re-thinking the previous year and what I could have done better and making lists of areas to improve on.  I’m a list person, it’s part of my daily routine to keep a rolling list of projects, ideas, items needed (thank goodness for smartphone apps where I can keep these notes at hand!)  These lists then turn into action.  The first order of business is to thoroughly vet my list of veg, herbs and flowers to grow. When I’m satisfied with what I’ve got, I start placing the seed orders and supplies for starting the seeds, trays and potting soil.

As I anxiously await their arrival, I prepare the greenhouses for planting: cleaning, setting up benches, making sure the heater is in good working order. The physical part of my job is my favorite part.  The not-so-favorite part is all of the time I need to spend in my office with book work, but it’s also crucial to a successful season.  Updating the budget plan, getting things in order for the accountant, updating the website, organizing the new season’s CSA, planning for winter meetings with wholesale buyers. I like to get it all done and out of the way because before I know it the time to plant in the field is here and it comes with a flurry of excitement and long satisfying days.  After a winter of “office time” the warm sun on my back, soft earth in my hands the smells of green and sounds of birds around me are the simple pleasures that remind me once again why I am happy to be a farmer.

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