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What is it?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. As a CSA member, you purchase a share at the beginning of the season, in turn, the farm provides you with a share of the vegetable harvest each week for the period of time set out in the contract between the farmer and purchaser.

Member benefits:

The freshest possible top quality vegetables
Harvested the same day you pick up!

Cost Savings
Members generally see a 20% savings with our CSA over buying local organic veg at the farmer’s market or local Member Benefits.

Private Facebook group membership
With weekly tips and hacks on how to use your veg, or to share your own tips with the group and watch your fellow CSA members cook with Farmer Pete*New this year!

Face to Face contact with your Farmer
When you pick up your weekly Share, you can give instant feedback!

You have total food security with our farm. You can’t “fudge the rules” when you’re audited by a third-party certifier.

First option to buy extra bulk items
When we have an excess of veg, you get the first option to buy at wholesale price!

Like Fresh organic Eggs, Homemade JaStrawberries to Strawberries to purchase separate from your share.

PYO access
When you come to pick up, you can stroll the gardens for “U-Pick” flowers and herbs, and some special veg too!

Pick up Schedule:

Pickup is Every Wednesday starting June 6th from 4-6pm at the Farm.

  • Each week’s selection comes with 5-6 “core” items, based on what’s in season.
  • You then get to customize your box by adding in other items on our “extras” tables

We aim to pack one unusual vegetable each week, to push you to try new foods, while also being mindful of your favorites

To get an idea of what to expect each week,  download our Vegetable Harvest Calendar.

Share Size:

We offer  3 different share sizes:

Regular Share – Enough veg every week for 2-3 people or a family with small children

Large Share – Enough veg every week for  4-6 people

Pick your own Share –  *NEW * this year!   this share is equivalent to a small share,  great for a single person,  we have a little garden here next to the CSA pickup spot with a pared-down selection of veg.  It could also be a nice way for a small family to get to know your farmer,  and get your feet wet to see if a CSA is right for you.

Share costs:  Click Sign Up Now to view share costs and payment options. We have flexible terms to make it easy for you to start eating top quality veg  THIS SUMMER!

Our Refund Policy

We’re pretty sure that you’ll love our CSA, especially with all the added support from our CSA Training program and Facebook community. But if you don’t, we’ll issue you a pro-rated refund for the remaining weeks. (We just ask that you give it the good ol’ college try for at least 6 weeks).

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